That time when Beatroute Media listed me as a feature instead of the producer of Asian Comedy All-Stars and misspelled my name as Rush Kaz instead of Rush Kazi. Any press is good press, right?

The time The Direct used my tweet cuz Zack Snyder took down his. Link to article found here

That time Sarah Siddiqui of Mooney on Theatre gave Asian Comedy All-Stars a kick ass review. Link to article found here.

The time the Torontoist wrote about Off-Key Comedy (now known as Comedy Mixtape). Link to article found here

The time the show I was on made it to Interrobang's Top 10 List of Moments that Made JFL42 in Toronto Truly Special. Article found here.

The time when The Standard wrote up a piece about the show I hosted for the Gardne City Comedy Festival in the Niagara region (link here).